Synergy Systems CO employs only the best in the industry to elevate your home technology experience to the next level.



New construction




Remodel / retrofit 

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Bring new technologies into your home, or just enhance your current experience.


We are dedicated to tailoring the audio / visual package to perfectly fit your wish list, while remaining mindful of your budget and personal preferences.  Our experts will remain engaged with you each step of the way, guiding you through the selection process and seeing your project through from design and specification to final product unveiling.



Reliability, without boundaries.


A strong, reliable network is the backbone of every modern home.  Whether you are running a business or enjoying streaming audio or video, our networking solutions will always be on your side.



Enhance the character of your home.


The appropriate lighting control design defines the visual effects of your end finishes, while promoting energy savings and sustainable living practices.  A combination of an immaculate lighting control design and modern window coverings solutions can give even the most modest spaces a very luxurious definition.



Home sweet home.


Protect your home and family with video surveillance solutions.  Check in to see if the kids have arrived home safe.  See if the driveway is clear of snow.



Control your home with the swipe of a finger.


Home automation - once considered a luxury, is quickly becoming a way of living and an essential part of any modern home.  We specialize in providing the best solutions to automate any or all of your home systems and help you enhance the value of your home.